The central concern of alchemy has always been to discern the plan of creation … on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
However, the alchemist / artchemist can only recognize what the structure of his personality and the development of his consciousness allow… and he can only realize in the studio, what he has recognized in himself about the nature and he source of primordial light and as it were what he has already performed in his inner laboratory.
It was late-nineties when the word „Artchemy“ first crossed my mind. Then I searched for it on the internet, which was completely new to me at that time … not a single track … so I decided to use this term as the name of my first website.
Artchemy is a way of art to unite the three aspects, the three faculties of man: instinct, feeling and understanding.
My view of art is: art is a sensual representation of what is currently only perceptible „super“naturally.